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Use Career Counseling To Discover a Better Career Direction for Yourself. We'll provide strategic insight from your Career Interest Test and your Personality (Psychological) Type Test. Once we figure out where you want to go, we will lay out a simple step by step plan to get you there.

MBTI Assessment and Counseling


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Step1: Self Assessment

An honest appraisal of yourself is the 1st step towards discovering Your Career Path. This section will take You through a range of tools and exercices to help you fully understand your own interests, skills and influences and how these can be useful when considering your future career options.

Step2: Career Exploration

The choice of your Career is a decision which is going to affect the rest of your life, so through research is critical. Don't rely on preconceptions. Before opting for a particular area you should have a considerable knowledge just of the speciality, but the envirement in which you'll be working and the people you will be dealing with.

Step3: Decision Making

Once you have developed a good understanding of yourself and your career options, you’re in a great place to start making decisions. Here you will find some ways to integrate what you’ve learned about different career options with your self-assessment.

Step4: Plan Implementation

This section provides general advice for preparing CVs and application forms, and preparing for interviews and assessment centers. It also provides advice on how to pull together a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate your experience.



MBTI Testing 24/7

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Testing Only 125$.00 USD

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Testing Only 125$.00 USD

Testing + 30 min. Coaching $200.00 USD

Testing+ 1hr. Coaching $250.00 USD

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